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IPL 2020 - Big Update On IPL Schedule In Hindi

IPL 2020 - Big Updates In Hindi

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Top Ten big news has come out about the IPL 2020, The top ten big news has been revealed about IPL 2020, along with two big updates about the IPL schedule, then the first big news is coming out, BCCI today officially wrote a letter to United Cricket Association, which accepted It has been done, it means that the BCCI is happy with all the preparations and has officially written the letter today.

Source : Times Of India

 We have been hearing about the highlights of the IPL for the past 1 week, but the owners of Star Sports have revealed that as of now, BCCI has not officially said anything to Star Sports, not officially to Star Sports. Know how long IPL has been going on? And there is a lot of confusion inside Star Sports, now it can happen in two-three days They have to do their production work, so maybe you are getting big news, IPL news will be used. Meaning that three grounds will be kept on schedule. Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and four JaTu, who came earlier, will not be in Dubai on what day, it is not that in the IPL schedule, this thing will be put on three grounds. And that's why the schedule of IPL will be made on this basis and it is also linked to the schedule of IPL.

Now the biggest confusion is and ESPNcricinfo also said about IPL on 8 or 10 November so that there is no confirmation yet. It is on the 8th, whether it is on the 10th or not, and it is not decided what to eat until then, although friends will soon be sure that the BCCI has held a meeting even today, so far this 2 days Is a schedule problem. Have I been told that and now the confusion is happening in 8 and 10, you talk about the fifth big news, So the news is coming out whether ICC is associated with ODI Super League or not and they are starting from 30th July. The ICC is going to have 12 full members in which India will also play four domestic messages and four ABE meetings and this Super League World Cup is going to be till 2023. Those who will be in the top ten in this league will play the 2023 World Cup. Which match will be in India, then you can say that it will be decided from the ICC ODI Super League office which team has said this

Dinesh Karthik, the ship assigned to Dinesh Karthik, has said that the team of Kolkata Knight Riders is not understanding the best professional and waste management of IPL, what is the story behind it, we will find out in the coming days. The BCCI will arrange a specially chartered aircraft for all the players who are not abroad for South Africa, it has become clear to arrange a chartered aircraft for India that the responsibility of bringing them is also BCCI and South The player of Africa is in the hands.The Pakistan Cricket Board had quoted the Pakistan Cricket Board as saying that the social media activity of its players and the dangerous person doing the work of the state, Limiting World, had said that Pakistan's players are too much on social media on Instagram on Twitter. Live by which he says many such things, even in the media, silent PCB is not allowed to do this and is going to do so to shut down PCDC.Which players have to stay away from social media, as in India, players are not much visible on social media, but in Pakistan, it was the opposite, but now it will not be

The England Ireland series will begin in July which is tied with England, will feature Odia Comedy Oriya Images and Friends, and will be the first international one-day series since lockdown.

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