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IPL Latest Update News 2020


IPL 2020 Is not Sponsor By Vivo
IPL 2020 Is not Sponsor By Vivo

7 Biggest news related to IPL has given a very big update related to the eight teams of tomorrow, all these news updates is a video to be told in this video. The meeting was held, but if we could not make the episode yesterday, we are sorry for that and after announcing it, the teams are having a lot of trouble today, not every team of friends is allowed to keep maximum 25 players in their squads. Don't have many players

MI Team Camp. But In UAE – Big News 

In such a situation, many teams will have to cut out two to three players from their smarts. Now from here onwards, many local players who are friends of the Indian player are going to fall on them because if I talk about being my team Will not do is very bad news. Can say a lot of color is a little good news for Mumbai Indians because of Rohit Sharma, Arun Sharma put up a claim to Mumbai in the IPL via social media post. Have given he posted that some would be able to give a screenshot of the IPL final played in 2017, in which Rohit Sharma's team will win Mumbai Indians or not, this year you can tell by writing in the comment box. 

Not Sponsor By Vivo- Chinese Boycott 

The Chinese boycott IPL trend means that you are starting to demand a lot of people, should the IPL not be pushed forward, and the Chinese army has not yet gone to the border on Chinese phones and kept Vivo still in the IPL If it is a Chinese company, then since yesterday many people are opposing it, it is right, wrong I do not know, that too if you make small big news in the comment box, it is very big news. has gone The news is that on August 6 and 7, the team of Mumbai Indians can set up their camp. Do you mean that I understand in detail that before August 20, you will have to leave India before the first and on August 20 all the teams will have to arrive like this First all the teams will have to camp in India, in which all the players of Indian players will be sour in their own team's camp, there they will be kept for 7 days, then they will have two tests, on the 2nd of the month of August 7. When it seems like Mumbai Indians in the camp and can gather on the players and test it full time when next update comes on it, we will tell you this very embarrassing news has just come out, a big news about the setting of the news Update is on our hands Preparation to bring the setting of IPL in this week itself is also its biggest essay to irrigate, that this week the government was left for 23 Permission Cycles, the last of them was related to the medical conditions of players who had two-three conditions. Allow to play and as it will be allowed the IPL schedule will come out 

IPL 2020 

What is known is that IPL Punjab has been face to face in Rajasthan and Kings XI Punjab team, what has it been teased, who has won, what to take from it, in the war of words, decide it yourself but it is being said but Rajasthan has played now Whose side is it in the comment box, because the news of the friendship that is there is coming out, then the news of the Pakistan Super League is complete and the entire corona incident took place, what happened to it? Pakistan Super League band is in the news, it is the friends of Pakistan Super League who are not able to complete their three teams from the sponsorship and commercial financial obligations. Right now there are three teams in the PSL who do not have guest money left and next for them It is difficult to play any PSL other than IPL, in such a situation, there is a danger of being a Pakistan Super League, when the Pakistan Super League will be in 2 years or is still not fixed, then it is in Pakistan in February-March.


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