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Not Sponsor By Vivo- Chinese Boycott  


Breaking news is big news because Vivo's sponsorship of Chinese phone manufacturer Vivo has been removed due to Vivo's sponsorship. Brother was talking about boycotting the IPL, everyone was saying that man, he is a Chinese company, how can we accept him, IPL sponsor, so the biggest news right now is that he is There is no IPL sponsor for this year Right now CCI will upload the tender in the next three-four days, for which many people will now add, after which the IS better will get the IPL sponsorship of this year which is to be in the IPL UAE from 19 September but they are still completely The sponsor of IPL has not been removed because why this year the whole thing is that Vivo said that there was a problem in some of our sales. 

Vivo- Chinese Boycott:- 

He has fallen in the last few months and so wanted Boycott, he wanted his sponsorship amount to be reduced a bit this time, but the BCCI told him that you should do one thing, you guys have been honest, do one thing this year, you call Do not switch off, you should remove such sponsor because it was a 5-year agreement, 5-year degree was between BCCI IPL and Vivo, which is the third year, which is now Now this second year of yours, which is now no longer this year, which will not be the Vivo Vivo apps, you will be in 2021 again till 2023, i.e. in 2000 21 22 23, Vivo will see the IPL sponsor again. He is not a sponsor of the IPL, he has dropped out for this year only and for just 1 year, from this phone chip deal, now 2199 was a 5 year deal of about 22 hundred crores and 440 crore vivo annual IPL every year. Was giving to This title sponsor that you must have seen that even before the last 2 years, IPL is not like that if you remember it, the Vivo sponsor before it was about 396 crores, it was about 396 crores before it was deleted. For 2 years, friends gave curry curry 200 crores, now the serpent, they have re-soldered, which was added to all of 2019 20 21 22 i.e. 17 18 19 According to him, the sponsorship that you have now is 1 year ahead and that year will not last, because everyone was saying that due to a public sentiment it was being said that man is already a Chinese manufacturer. 

Who’s Sponsor?? 

If there is a company, it is not that there is no IPL or BCCI; take a stand, now it will not be our sponsor this year, Vivo had made this offer. A proposal was made that man, if we get some concession this year, then the BCCI said that you can leave the sponsorship this year and we will be looking for a different new sponsor for the IPL and because on September 19 is going close. If you have some time less than 2 months, few days are less, then because of that, now you will have to search for new sponsor, now who comes new sponsor It will have to be seen whether it will be the same Indian company, is it now you? Are we in the current situation? I am wondering if if Vivo was giving Rs 440 crore, the IPL can get such a title sponsor in the current situation that you will get a title of 53 days. 440 crores will be given to you for the tournament. The big question is, and sees who comes forward; I think this is a sponsorship job in 3 days. That will come out for this and after that the story will move forward. A new sponsor will be seen by you. Whoever picks up the trophy, see who is the title sponsor, so the big news at the moment is that you have seen on sports as well, today the match is also England today. And it's Ireland's last ODI and it's about an hour and a half So the big news that you have heard till now on sports is that this year Vivo will not be the sponsor of IPL but it is only 1 year arrangement, after that in the next 3 years i.e. 21 22 and 23, Vivo will be the title sponsor again. Once upon a time, this deal was signed between BCCI and Vivo because this year the contract which was to run till 2022 because the sponsorship has been abandoned this year. So in lieu of that you have been extended for one more year i.e. by 2023 all the contracts that are there will remain honorable Vivo will come back sponsor is the phone manufacturing company of Chinese Jaevo and we know that Ekta Public Sentiment in the country is a country sentiment If we should do a product bank in China, then the offer is the first one, I will still say that it is not from the BCCI And it was offered to be BCCI made a second offer to them which has been accepted and the official statement which is officially which will be announced by BCCI soon and you will get the tenders within three to four days. So for the time being, you can ask us questions. Today is also a match and at 6:30 pm India time is 6:30 pm England and West Indies England and Ireland's last ODI and tomorrow is the first ever Test match between England and Pakistan.



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