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Youtube Hidden Tips & Tricks 2020

Here are some new tips to Fast your work on YOUTUBE .

Online videos of something that has gained popularity faster than anything in the world and YouTube is a place everyone wants to pay yet. However, this Blog Post is just about to turn out really really helpful for you people as the tricks. I'm about to tell you will not only improve your life YouTube viewing experience, but will also help you out in a lot of different ways. 

Now, I'm guessing that most of you just click the video sit back relax and watch it until your phone rings and you want to pause the video using the space bar, but that good-for-nothing shortcut only work. Once you click on the video that don't require clicking of any sort and just do what you exactly want. And those are J,K & L diesel remind play and forward respectively just like on any media player. These are just the basic ones. There is more life pressing F to go full screen.

List of Shortcuts


Are using the number Keys like 2 will take you to a point where 20% of the video is finished 3 for 30%, four for 40% and so on. Similarly zero will take you to the beginning of the video, which is also quite Handy. By the way, there are many more keyboard shortcuts and you can look through all of them in the table.


Since know if you have learned all the keyboard shortcuts, you might not need that Mouse anymore and to make things even better for such YouTube ninjas. Google has developed Lean back mode, which basically gives YouTube on media center kind of lock which is certainly better on Ice itself. Now, this is really helpful in situations where you want to see these videos on the TV once you get used to this mode. It is definitely going to grow on you.

This next trick or you could say a Chrome extension can help you get perfectly sink lyrics of a YouTube video. Thanks to Developers at for this Extension ­­(musixmatch lyrics for YouTube) artist and you are kind of lost in the lyrics. All you have to do is install the app and forget about it. It'll do its job with every music played on your browser. And yes, if you're planning a carry night at your house party guys, this is the way to go.


Do YouTube does have an intelligent player that plays videos in the resolution that your internet connection can handle without buffering but what If you want to watch videos in HD and there is nothing less for you. There's no need of fixing YouTube video resolution to a particle level but there's a cool Chrome extension (Auto HD for YouTube) that lets you do it. Once you have installed this------ extension. All you do YouTube videos will play in HD video resolution of your choice.


Your favorite artist has just released a song and it's making you crazy. You're playing it on YouTube all day. However, every time the song ends you go back to the tab and play the game and repeat the same for play many of times. 

If you just want the song to restart, once it ends all you have to do is right click on the video and choose loop option This song will now play in a never-ending loop until you finally start hitting it.

Just have replaced the cats from the internet. They are dead popular. Now. Let me show you how you can make a gif of your own from any YouTube video. It's quite simple actually open the video of your choice and in the URL at just before the YouTube.

It entered real hard then takes you to another website where you can crop the part of a video with you want and it's self-explanatory from there on.


Well, it's not quite a trick. It's a simple yet very useful feature, which can save you on your mobile data. Let's take a situation. You are at work and your favorite YouTube star has released a video that you still want to watch but cannot since its work at the same time, you know that you won't be able to watch it at home as well because you don't have an active I fight and you don't want to chew it on mobile data. What you can do is save this video for offline viewing and when you get home, you can head over to YouTube mobile app and watch it as many times as you want without having to connect to the internet.


If you're playing the video on the official YouTube app on your Android then you can definitely make use of Google Now Commands to control YouTube videos with your voice though. It doesn't work perfectly for me, maybe because it's still in its initial stage. But once things go smoothly this feature is definitely going to be very useful for all of us. Here are all the different commands that you can use for now.

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