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Apple’s Online Store Launches in India on September 23

Apple to Sell iPhone Directly to you


Apple online store has been launched in India to stay with me and I'll tell you everything you know about this latest development and what it means for India. why should I care about this apple online store launch in India I've been buying stuff from Amazon and Flipkart and I've been getting all natural products from local offline stores as well as an authorized resellers.

What’s So Special About Apple Online Store Launching in India?

Why should I bother with this official Apple Store Apple Store you can get everything but if you're buying a Mac for example anyone can figure them out then it becomes much easier why this method you showed me you could have bought it from Amazon as well with the correct specification For example.

Advantage Of Apple Online Store

If you get on the app Store Store if you want Eight GB the iMac then you can just quickly added to your cart and move on and you can maybe place the order also for that anything available and how long would it take for delivery on Amazon and Flipkart max are in stock you only get a free configure up.

Benefits Of Apple Care+

If you want to add more so that's one big advantage apart from that you also get access to AppleCare plus. AppleCare plus is extended warranty and it's very important that has the most underrated so some of you may be thinking that okay they're okay they're charging some huge amount for this AppleCare plus why should I pay for it well the Answer is that for you to get one year warranty sure but it does not cover accidental damage so many of you may have been in this situation where you damage your Apple on a person iPhone Apple watch out hat repair phone, watch whatever has been purses actually very very high is prohibited prohibitively expensive so what happened what happened I've been asking should I buy the MacBook Air and I've been saying yes go for it but do get of their place with it because in case there's any damage you just want that piece of my soul Accidental damage as well you can check the terms and conditions to figure out what exactly is included example of a second for a MacBook the screen replacement cost was down to something like seven thousand rupees which is far lower than what you would otherwise be charged especially if the laptop is out of warranty and it has some kind of damage that you know you put water on the Display.

Will we Got to Purchase Refurbished Apple Products In India?

These things will cost you much less go to bed if go to bed if you have a ticket. So that's one good thing about the store the I the reason I'm excited about this is that Apple Store Come to India this is one way to get a discount on your Apple products so for example that is a MacBook that I bought today that he wasn't working properly

Deals and Discount Offers

I said to back to Apple can you replacement keyboard and try to sell it to a different customer you can get officially certified repair devices are Turn nice discounts on 10% the nicest person sometimes 20% Which is still a big chunk of the value of the device and you can get a full one year warranty with that so that's one place where you can get good discounts on the Apple store internationally I hope that's live in India as well but if you're expecting that from day one they have lots of products in stock that then you probably would have to wait for the updated because in USA Stock keep coming in and going out all the time and we've seen multiple times that only one unit of a certain devices for example of HomePort one available to publish for those device an the place where you get good discounts and lots of people keep on good deal please over there and since it's coming directly finally won last night I want to do a dress before we end this video is that next expecting some discounts on the Apple online store in India then you'll probably going to be in for a big disappointment now that's because it's not like they never discount the product but mostly you see the settings for MRP So what was the official price that's what you're going to be paying most of the time sometimes they may do some festive season sale but it's not going to be a crazy discount like you get on maybe an Amazon Freedom sale on Amazon Prime Day sale if you want that iPhone SE in 30 thousand rupees I'm not entirely sure if you'll get it on the Apple online store so Those cover the major points about this one what do you think about the Apple online store coming to India.

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