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The Terms of Use of Hima Marketing.

website, email, Tech news Article referred to as Services and any Content listed on our website. This agreement is between you and me, by using our services, you confirm that you have accepted this agreement (including our privacy policy) and that the terms and conditions have been changed to this agreement. There are some terms and conditions on our website that the customer has to accept and if they do not, then you have no right to take our service because you are not familiar with our service, our thinking, our goal.
For purposes of this Agreement,
For the purpose of these terms of agreements. "Content" includes data, information, written posts, text, any photos from any of our video and audio clips, software, programming, themes through my services and if some of the services are not my, I always give credit to them, In which that user is also defined.


The services provided by Hima Marketing website are only for users above 18 years of age. If you are not 18 years old, please stop using the services provided by our website because the information provided by our website will be available to you. You will not understand because here you will get business ideas, start up news, and more which you will understand above that age and if you have come to get services and use them, then you guarantee us that You are at least 18 years old.


Hima Marketing website is a content website that provides the latest news to the people through its content. We do not copy content from any other website and neither gives false or false content. HM does not take responsibility for false service and If you feel that any wrong content has been published on our website, please you can contact us on the website or contact us on Gmail, we will remove that content within 72 hours.


We try our best to ensure that all posts on our website are original, no copyright, and if you believe that this post has been copied and that such post is already a post or its creator is someone else. And we are in violation of copyright, please tell us the following information: -

A) Information of original post and post link

B) Your name, email address, and mobile number

C) You acknowledge that the information given by you is correct and if you are not the owner of the original copyright, you are authorized to do this work and take full responsibility, contact my website and send the requested information to the copyright law. According to this we will remove the content from our website.


Our website posts may contain links to third party websites. These third-party websites may contain information that is inappropriate and offensive that is beyond our control. And we do not have any control over that website, through those link comments on our website, or because of giving credit in any of our posts, or the post given by us, there is a particular link that people open the link and the knowledge We could not talk to the owner of that website, so we are also sharing the link of his website. The link that we gave was of a personal post, but before or after the update, I am not responsible for Hima Marketing sharing that link because it had knowledge enhancement content which was necessary to share to the people, but the rest of Hima Marketing Nothing to do with the website

Last Updated: 24-Jul-2020

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